Graduate Coursework:

Summer 2015

EDU 719- Student Affairs: Theory, Research & Practice

EDU 776- Current Issues in Student Affairs

Fall 2015

EDU 723- History of Higher Education

EDU 773- Theory of College Student Development

EDU 710- LGBT Issues in Higher Education

Spring 2016

EDS 755- Student Affairs Research

EDU 811- Administration & Organization in Higher Education

Summer 2016

EDU 704- Multicultural Issues in Student Affairs

EDU 985A- Practicum I (Bristol Community College)

Fall 2016

EDU 861- Assessment & Evaluation in Student Affairs

EDU 803B- Helping Skills in Student Affairs II

EDU 985B- Practicum II (Emerson College)

Spring 2017

EDU 803A- Helping Skills in Student Affairs I

EDS 988- Capstone

Last Updated: May 2018